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I Am A Converse Shoe Guy ! !

I think that pretty much says it all but if you need more

here are a few other tidbits that make

Schooling: Episcopal High School, Texas Longhorns (BFA),

Academy of Art University in San francisco (MFA)

Favorite Color: green, but sometimes blue

Favorite TV Show: Modern Family and Seinfeld Re-runs

First Car: 1966 Mustang

Current car: Nissan Cube(yep!! that's right)

Favorite Book: Beach Music by Pat Conroy

Favorite Music: Anything by the Bob's-Dylan or Marley

Dog vs. Cat Debate: 100 % Dog, although I have a family of

stray cats that refuse to leave my tree (well it

is kinda their tree now)

Favorite Meal ever had: Double Venison burger at the place

at the end of the road in Glencoe, Scotland.

Favorite Coffee Shop: Cafe Trieste, San Francisco

Favorite Island: Ilha Grande, Brazil

Coffee Intake: 2-3 cups a day

Colors of Converse shoes in my closet:

-black, green, blue, red, camo and plaid

If you have any more questions for me feel free

to stop by for a chat sometime.