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These Days it is so hard to get everyone in one place for a family portrait. One family lives out of town and is only here for the holidays and everyones weekend activities make it so there is very little spare time. Now you can get the family portrait you have been dreaming of and you all don't even have to be in here together. "The Generation Portrait" is a perfect way to get an amazing family portrait that everyone will be talking about. And it is so simple for you!! I photograph each family unit separately here at the studio and then I "stitch the picture together to make a full family portrait. Each family is photographed using the exact same lighting and background and with the same perspective. The perspective is a key part of this in that the way the Generation Portrait works makes is that everyone is front and center in the frame. No more giant family pictures where you can barely make out everyones face because there are so many of you. This is also great if you have a new baby in the family as we can wait until he or she can hold their head up and smile as opposed to just being wrapped up in mom's arms. The Generation Portrait is a great way to get the grand parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in the picture no matter where they live. We can photograph one family during spring break and another at Thanksgiving and when the print is done it will look like you were all there together. Whether this takes 2 sessions or 10 sessions the Generation Portrait is a beautiful way to show off your family and have a work of art that everyone will be talking about.

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